Friday, April 4, 2014

Foodie Friday - Buttercup Cottage Lemon Scones

Today, we're highlighting a spectacular treat from the United Kingdom Pavilion as part of our 2014 Flower Food and Garden tour.  It's just too bad the Internet can't convey the sense of smell...because you can smell the Lemon Scones from Canada!

As soon as you cross the border from Canada into the United Kingdom, an aroma immediately drifts your way.  This lemony sweet smell will lead you to the Buttercup Cottage outdoor kitchen and their delicious lemon scones. 

These scones are served by the pair with raspberry sauce and crème fraîche dips on the side. Each scone is topped with sugar crystals that help bring out the tart lemony taste. Crisp edges lead the way into the soft, cakey middle. You can tell they were prepared with lemon juice and lemon zest by how fresh and light they taste. 

Lemon Scones - $3.25 or 1 DDP snack credit

These are a definite must-try during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. You'll also want to go back for more.


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  1. Man these look so good, we walked from Mexico to Canada on our last visit so I was too full by then, will need to walk the other way next time. Thanks for sharing and joining our Favorite Food Friday Hop!!

  2. Oh my gosh - first of all, I LOVE scones. Secondly, these look delicious. And thirdly, I think even my husband would love these (he loves lemon!) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Oooohh those would be PERFECT for breakfast right now!!

  4. Those look so good! I love when EPCOT has special events (especially when food is involved). I've been during the Food & Wine Festival, but would love to go during the Flower & Garden Festival - all the topiaries & other floral decor look so pretty!


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