Friday, July 31, 2015

Foodie Friday | Wok-Fired Green Beans

Every time we visit Walt Disney World we make it a point to try new food. Our last trip's culinary expedition led us to what could possibly be one of new favorite places to dine, Yak and Yeti Restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom. We recently had lunch there and were blown away! This pan-Asian style restaurant had an abundance of freshly cooked dishes. But there was one stand out dish that rose above the rest.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ice Palace Boutique and Cafe at Disney's Hollywood Studios

We couldn't pass up the chance to do this for our little "Elsa". We don't know how many more years she'll be into getting dressed up at Disney like this.

Ice Palace Boutique | Home is Where the Mouse is

We reserved the Ice Palace Boutique package but upgraded to the deluxe when we found the dress we brought with us no longer fit and had some rips.  The package included a photopass photo shoot and access to the Ice Palace Cafe for up to 6 people, as well as reserved seating for the Frozen Sing-along. 

The Ice Palace Boutique is accepting reservations for now through Sept. 7th (the end of "Frozen Summer Fun").  The boutique is located at Disney's Hollywood Studios, so park admission is also required.  Children must be ages 3-12.  Reservations can be made by calling 407-827-7400.

They offer a few different packages:
  • Frozen Summer Fun package $75 (includes tax) - Includes shimmering makeup palette, face gems, nail polish, braided hairpiece with sparkling snowflake accessories.
  • Ice Palace Boutique package $175 (includes tax) - includes everything from Frozen Summer Fun package PLUS access to the Ice Palace Cafe for up to 6 guests and one priority seating at "For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Musical Celebration".
  • Ice Palace Boutique Deluxe package $240 (includes tax) - Includes everything from the Ice Palace Boutique package PLUS a choice of either an Anna or Elsa costume dress.
  • Olaf-inspired Glitter Hair Style $20 - this option can be purchased as a walk-up and includes a basic hair style with glitter and mickey confetti and an Olaf t-shirt.

Here are pics of the experience.

The Frozen Dresses and skirts offered in the packages.

Bella changed into her dress and took a seat, and her Fairy Frostmother, Mary got to working on her hair.

Bella's hair was pulled back into a side ponytail.

We had the option of weaving the braid into the pony tail, or attaching the braid and tucking the hair behind it.  We chose to weave it in.

The braid was adorned with snowflakes.

Bella's nails were done in her choice of color.

Eye shadow was applied next.

Then some blush...

A snowflake "jewel" was applied to her cheek.

Fairy Frostmother Mary then sprinkled Bella's hair with magic while Bella made a wish.

Our son decided he wanted the "Olaf" makeover which is a walk-up option.  Jackson's Fairy Frostmother was Jennifer.

His hair was styled into a sort of spikey mohawk (which didn't work very well with his hair) and then Mickey treasure and glitter were added.

It looked great, and he loved it.  Unfortunately, the mickey heads started falling out almost immediately.  A few hours later they were gone.  The Fairy Frost Mothers did offer to fix his hair later in the day, but it was raining and we were headed to the Magic Kingdom, so we chose not to.  

We did drop in on the Harmony Barber Shop once we got to Magic Kingdom and asked for a sprinkling of pixie dust in his hair.  They were more than happy to do that for us for no charge.

After the makeovers, we were taken outside to have photos taken.

There was also a PhotoPass photographer on hand, and we got this "magic shot" in addition to his photos, which we could download using our Memory Maker.

Next, we were escorted to the Ice Palace Cafe.  This was included in Bella's makeover package for up to 6 people.  Inside the Cafe were treats and beverages, as well as a coloring station for the kids.

Here's a video we shot of the cafe.

We're continuing to update this post with pictures and videos as we get unpacked from our trip.  We hope you enjoyed seeing our experience at the Ice Palace Boutique and Cafe.

If you have any questions about the Boutique or Cafe, please ask away!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Know Before You Go: The Storage Bag Packing Method

Packing for a long vacation, or any vacation, can be a daunting task. When taking kids along, that daunting task becomes even more difficult. Throw everything in a suitcase and you're bound to forget something important. You'll also be spending your precious vacation time rifling through your suitcase looking for a matching outfit. Over the years, we've perfected a method of packing that has kept us organized and helped us get up and go each morning of our vacation. All you need is a box of Storage bags and a plan.